Bennu has been providing case management services for people with brain and spinal injuries since 2002.

We believe that effective rehabilitation and case management must extend well beyond the individual and into the environment if an individual’s life pathway is to be maximised.

Our positive and effective approach to rehabilitation and care is based on the Dr Barry Willer ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) philosophy with all activities designed to enhance and contribute to the individual life pathway of clients so they can realise their potential. 

The name, Bennu, means Phoenix, the mythical bird that is the symbol of rebirth, mirroring Bennu’s philosophy and ethos of supporting and inspiring clients so they can flourish and rise to meet their challenges and opportunities.

In working with families to manage client rehabilitation and disability programs, Bennu:

  • Determines and plans individual support needs, prior to community re-entry, post-injury
  • Conducts assessments and provides compensation reports for court cases
  • Plans and costs the move of a person from an institutional setting into a community environment. This includes practical transition processes and evaluation
  • Assists people with challenging behaviours
  • Works to promote each client’s rights and choices and opportunities
  • Focuses on ability – not disability

Please contact us for a full estimate and a proposed program to meet your needs.