We assist clients to achieve their potential by enhancing opportunities, understanding goals and enriching their overall quality of life.

Bennu's experienced case managers support clients with our ‘Whatever It Takes’ (WIT) philosophy, enabling clients to achieve their individual goals and aspirations. 

We monitor, assess, advocate and liaise with health professionals to coordinate treatment and consult with doctors and specialists, transport, housing and other groups, as required.

A holistic, tailored approach is taken for every client, with our case managers always aware of all aspects of care and the changing needs of clients so as to maximise quality of life opportunities.

Our case management services involve:

  • Someone who will look beyond the disability to coordinate positive, practical services suited to the unique needs and circumstances of each of its clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the progress and performance of each client.
  • Assessment of each client’s progress including social and care needs, aspirations, and environment.
  • An advocate with the relevant health professionals and Government bodies for each client
  • Collaboration with health professionals  and others, as our professional team works with families, the legal profession and clients who have:
    • Acquired Brain Injury including motor vehicle or bike accidents, sporting injuries or negligence
    • Spinal Injuries

Clients include people who are compensable through payouts, financed through insurances and privately funded.